Middleton Kids Triathlon

Tri 4 Schools Middleton is presented by our wonderful friends at Middleton Sports & Fitness, and held at the Bauman Aquatic Center.  Please select a tab below for more information on the race.  Our 2015 race date will be announced as soon as details are confirmed.

Congratulations to all our athletes!  You can find all results here.

Our Fittest School for the 2014 Middleton race is Sauk Trail Elementary in Middleton with 47 athletes!  Congratulations!

2. Northside Elementary – 33 kids

3. Sunset Ridge Elementary – 28 kids

4. Kromrey Middle School  - 22 kids

5.  Elm Lawn Elementary – 21 kids



Registration for our 2015 race will open on January 1, 2015.


2014 Tri 4 Schools Kids Triathlon Pricing Information

Remember to enter the name of the school you would like to donate your money to when you register! 

You may mail in a check to IMAthlete instead of paying via credit card online until two weeks prior to race day. Mail checks to IMAthlete, PO Box 667, Santa Monica, CA 90406.

Category Until 7/15/2014 at 11:59pm From 7/16/2014 until 8/13/2014 at 6pm 8/15/2014 Registration 4:30-6:30pm
Individual $25.00 $30.00  $35.00
Each Additional Child (for families with multiple children) $15.00 $20.00 $25.00
2 person relay team $45.00 $50.00 $55.00
3 person relay team $60.00 $65.00 $70.00

Scholarships Available!  If your child would like to participate in the Tri 4 Schools Kids Triathlon and will require financial assistance to enter, please contact our Race Director at info@tri4schools.org.  For those who register at least two weeks out from the race, we can work with sponsors to find a bike or running shoes for your child if needed.


Race Information

The Tri 4 Schools race will be held at the Bauman Aquatic Center in Middleton and surrounding neighborhood.  Safety is our primary concern so we may create a fun race for all participants!


The swim will be held in the outdoor pool at the Bauman Aquatic Center.  The short course swimmers will start at the island in the middle of the pool and swim in towards the shallow water.  They will only be in water over their head for approximately eight feet.  The middle and long distance course athletes will complete their swim in the lap lane portion of the pool, and will exit the pool on the end closest to the parking lot (transition area).  We will use lane lines to help keep kids going in one direction safely and smoothly, and athletes will cross under the lane lines as they “snake” across the pool.  The swim map is below for your review:

tri 4 schools swim course 2013 middleton

In case of rain, the race will continue unless it is deemed to be unsafe by local authorities on the morning of the race.  Please check back on our race site prior to race day to check in on weather updates!

To all parents/guardians: your child must be comfortable in a pool to participate.  ONLY children who are registered in the novice swim category can use a flotation device such as a noodle or kickboard.  Lifeguards can temporarily assist them if needed, but they cannot pull your child through the water for the duration of the swim course.  Please work with your children on being comfortable in the water, or consider making a relay team with a more experienced swimmer.  Thank you for your cooperation!



The bike course will take place on neighborhood streets surrounding the Bauman Aquatic Center.  Participants will do one or two loops depending on age, with our youngest athletes completing one loop of a shorter course.  All roads on the bike course will be closed to traffic, meaning no cars will be allowed to leave their driveways during the event.  We will also have police-controlled intersections and 30 course volunteers helping children and neighborhood citizens stay safe during the event.  Training wheels are allowed for this race!

Bike Course: Short Distance

View Tri 4 Schools Short Course Bike Route in a larger map
Turn by Turn:

1. Participants will exit parking lot of Bauman Aquatic Center and turn left onto Bristol St.

2. Turn left onto Maywood Ave.

3. Turn around at intersection with Park Lawn Pl.

4. Turn right onto Bristol St.

5. Finish by turning right in to parking lot of Bauman Aquatic Center

Participants will exit parking lot of Bauman Aquatic Center and turn left onto Bristol St.Turn by turn: PLEASE NOTE NEW ROUTE AS OF 8/8/2014 DUE TO BRANCH ST. CLOSURE

Bike Course Map - REVISED for website

    1. Turn left onto Maywood Ave.
    2. Turn left onto Mayflower Dr.
    3. Follow road to the right onto Columbus Dr.
    4. Turn around on Columbus Dr. after Santa Maria Ct.
    5. Return on the opposite (left side) of Columbus Dr.
    6. Turn left on Mayflower Dr.
    7. Turn left onto Maywood Ave.
    8. Turn right onto Wood Rd.
    9. Turn right on Franklin Ave.
    10. Turn right onto Bristol St.
    11. Finish by turning right in to parking lot of Bauman Aquatic Center.  Depending on division participants will either turn right directly on Maywood Avenue and complete second loop (long course) or continue straight into transition area (middle course).



The run course will be take place on the Middleton High School campus for our short and middle course athletes, and on the Pheasant Branch trail for our long course athletes.  The courses are shown below.

Short Course Run Map

The short course run takes place completely on the sidewalk, with one street crossing.  Upon exiting the transition area, athletes will merge onto the sidewalk in front of the high school track and turn left at the end. They will cross Lee St. and run onto the sidewalk in front of the Performing Arts Center, and finish by turning left into Firemen’s Park.


Middle Course Run Map

The middle distance run course takes place largely on grass.  Upon exiting the transition area, athletes will merge onto the sidewalk in front of the high school track, turning left at the end and crossing Lee Street onto the sidewalk in front of the Performing Arts Center.  They will then cross the street and make a loop of the practice baseball field and football field before crossing Lee St. and entering Firemen’s Park.


Long Course Run Map


The long course run includes a large stretch of running along the south side of the Pheasant Branch trail.  Our oldest athletes will exit the transition area on the opposite side as the short and middle courses and turn left onto Park Lawn Place.  They will then make a left onto the Pheasant Branch trail, and take that until it meets up with Parmenter St.  Athletes will turn left and run on the sidewalk, making a left into the Office Building parking lot.  They will run through the lot, cross Clark St. and run on the sidewalk around the MASH parking lot, crossing Lee St. and entering Firemen’s Park.


Transition Area

The area is divided into three sections according to race distance, and will have color-coded signs with names of fruits on them to help children remember where their belongings are located.  You will place your bike, shoes, helmet, water bottle, and any other items you need during the bike and run portions of the race here prior to going to the pool for the swim start.

Purple:  Long Course

Yellow: Middle Course

Green: Short Course

tri 4 schools middleton transition area triathlon 2013


The divisions and distances are as follows. Please note that we have changed from an age-specific distance to just distances, so kids can choose the most appropriate distance for them:

Distance Swim Bike Run
Short (rec. ages 3-6) 25 yards  .3 mile .2 mile
Middle (rec. ages 7-10) 50 yards 2.25 miles .5 mile
Long (rec. ages 11-14) 100 yards 4.5 miles 1 mile



The race will be held at the Bauman Aquatic Center – 2400 Park Lawn Place, Middleton, WI 53562

Driving directions via Google Maps can be found here.


There are three parking lots available on race day.  We will have limited parking available in the high school lot in front of the track.  Both this lot and the Performing Arts Center are open for parking, but these will NOT be open to exit during the race.

If you need to exit during the race, we recommend parking in the Lee St./Clark St. lot across from the finish line and Firemen’s Park.

Site Map

Please take a look at the site map and print it if you wish.  There will be limited copies available at packet pick-up and on race morning.

Tri 4 Schools Site Map 2014


Please avoid parking on the streets being used for the race, as those roads will be closed for the duration of the race and you will not be able to exit.

The parking lot in front of the Bauman Aquatic Center and the MHS track will not be open for parking, as they will be used during the race.  Please do not enter from Park Lawn Place as you will be directed back towards Parmenter Street.



Key Things to Remember:

  • When the transition area is closed, no one may enter or exit.  This is for the safety of competing athletes and athletes/spectators waiting to enter the area.  We will periodically open the transition area for placement and removal of your equipment.
  • Please arrive one hour before your race is scheduled to start.  Start times are estimated and we cannot hold waves for athletes who have not yet arrived.  This will allow you time to get aclimated to your environment and the race layout.
  • Consider picking up your packet on Friday night to save you time on Saturday!

Friday, August 15th - Middleton Sports & Fitness, 6649 University Avenue, Middleton, WI 53562

Time Event Description
4:30pm Packet pick-up and walk-up registration opens
5:00pm Course Talk and Transition Area tips
5:45pm Course Talk and Transition Area tips
6:30pm Packet pick-up and walk-up registration closes if race is not full

Saturday, August 16th - Bauman Aquatic Center, Middleton, WI

Time Event Description
7:00am Packet pick-up and transition area open
7:30am Course Talk, Relay Team prep, and Transition Area tips
 8:00am  Race Day registration closes if race is not full
8:15am Transition area closes for start of first race
8:30am Long course race begins
9:00am Estimated opening of transition area for arriving athletes
9:30am Estimated start time for middle distance race
9:45am Estimated award ceremony for long course race
10:00am Estimated opening of transition area for arriving athletes
10:30am Estimated start time for short course race
10:45am Estimated award ceremony for middle distance race
10:45am Estimated opening of transition area for removal of equipment
11:00am Estimated award ceremony for short course race
12:00pm Estimated race end

Here are the rules we will follow for our race.  These are in place for the safety of all of our participants, spectators, and volunteers!

  • Bike helmets must be worn on the bike course and should be buckled BEFORE leaving the transition area, as well as at all times when a participant is riding their bike.  All helmets should be approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).
  • Your bike must be safe enough to ride. We will have a bike maintenance crew available before the race, but if you have time, get your bike a tune-up at your local bike shop.  Remember, it’s okay to use training wheels for this race!
  • Participants that wish to use kickboards or a water noodle will be able to do so for the swim portion of the race ONLY IF THEY ARE REGISTERED IN THE NOVICE SWIM CATEGORY. No inflatable flotation devices will be allowed.
  • Children ages six and under will be allowed one parent in the transition area to help them. Any child ages seven and older must be able to get themselves through the transition area on their own.
  • Particpants are not allowed to wear headphones on any portion of the race course.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and will result in a disqualification.  Remember, respect earns respect!
  • Race numbers must be worn on your front on the run course.  It is optional to wear your race number on the bike course.

The Tri 4 Schools Kids Triathlon has both a two and three person relay team division.  What this means, is that you can team up with one or two friends to complete the triathlon.  Relay teams will complete the same distance as individual competitors, but will choose the leg (or legs) of the race where they are strongest.

For example, one person could do the swim, another could do the bike, and a third could do the run.  With a two person team, one person could do the swim, and the other could do the biking and running (or any other combination of the three legs).  A timing chip is passed between the team members to record your time.  Only one team member should complete each event (for example, all team members do not need to bike or run).  This is a great option if your child is not a strong swimmer – just find a friend that likes to swim and you are ready to go!

A meeting will be held the morning of the race to help relay teams understand where they need to be in the transition area.


All participants will receive finisher medals.  The top three athletes in each age category and gender will receive a trophy, as well as the top three finishers (boys and girls) who are competing in a distance longer than the recommended distance for their age – 10 and under (Long Course), and 6 and under (Middle Course).

For our relay participants, the top team in each race distance will receive awards: short, middle, and long distance.

Award ceremonies will take place at approximately 9:45 for our long distance race, 10:30 for our middle distance race, and 11:15 for our short distance race.

Finally, we have two special awards: one which will be awarded to the school with the most participants for our Middleton event; and our Fittest School Award, which will be presented at the school with the most participants over the course of our race season.  You can display it proudly until 2015!


Results & Photos



The slideshow below is a collection of photos taken by Krakora Studios from our 2011 race.



2013 Individual Award Winners


Girls 3-4

1. Emmalyn Ezman

2. Brooke Ballweg

3. Hailey Mix


Boys 3-4

1. Brandon Ballweg

2. Luke Strasia

3. Cole Walker


Girls 5-6

1. Clara Krantz

2. Lucy Drye

3. Violet Kunicki

Boys 5-6

1. Luke Sheehan

2. Wyatt Ezman

3. Liam Mair


Girls 7-8

1. Aniela Labinski

2. Teagan Mallegni

3. Olivia Strasia


Boys 7-8

1. Nolan Legge

2. Zack Stoecker

3. Alex Bauer


Girls 9-10

1. Jayden Noll

2. Zoe Nazario

3. Michaela Birk


Boys 9-10

1. Quinn Schroeder

2. James Heller

3. Troy Tollefson

6 and Under - Middle Course Girls

1. Ava Labinski

2. Audrey Meudt

3.  McCartney Evenson


6 and Under – Middle Course Boys

1. Elijah Knutowski

2. Maximus Helmstadter

3. Sam Wolf


Girls 11-12

1. Ella Erdman

2. Sarah Foley

3. Autumn Meyers


Boys 11-12

1. Nicholas Holmes

2. Xander McFerren

3. Joey Aman-Lavicky


Girls 13-14

1. Brooke Zibell

2. Allison Spielman

3. Molly Warriner

Boys 13-14

1. Dylan Qualls

2. Carter Hendrickson

3. Logan Prichard


10 and Under Long Course Girls

1. Lauren Meudt

2. Sydney Knutowski

3. Claire Meudt


10 and Under Long Course  Boys

1. Kristian Peterson

2. Alex Seaborg

3. King Williams


Top Middle Course Relay: Galactic Girls, Ellie Frisch, Lydia Hanson, Cate Ohly


Top Long Course Relay: Speedy Turtles, Carson Frisch, Adam Hanson, Jack Ohly





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